This is a story about Jiri Sernets

Jiri lived the life of a hard working man, he loved life in a very simple, but fine way. Cigars, whiskey and music, were a must-have on a daily basis. Jiri Sernets was obsessed with his beard, and therefore every Monday and Friday he went to the barber shop in Prague to get his beard groomed.

Before the Spring Revolution of 1968 in the Czech Republic Jiri Sernets was a well-known jeweler in Prague. He customized his jewels in a small workplace a couple of blocks away from his jewelry store. It was a very risky task for the courier to take the jewelry from one place to another. In order to protect his precious jewelry his wife created a line of underwear with a safety pocket. By wearing this type of underwear pickpockets and other thieves were not aware of the hidden jewelry and stealing was prevented.

At the beginning of the Spring Revolution in Prague Sernets escaped from the war and left the country to go to Amsterdam. Everything his family had was lost because the communists took it away.

Therefore Sernets started an underwear line to take care of your valuables nowadays. Wherever you are, wherever you go. make sure your valuables don't show.

Inspired by Family history
The first lifestyle boxershort in the world.

Sernets "Loves" on a daily basis..